Sunday, October 2, 2011

Custom Photo box setup

I'm am having a lot of fun making my polymer clay creations. To make them look even nicer, I even built a homemade photo box for taking product shots.

My husband found this light for $10 at Walmart (sweet deal).

At first we tried placing the flash on the outside of the box, but the shadowing effect went to the right. The yellow lamp made the lighting look, well, yellow. The first option was to buy another lamp for the other side to add more light, but we didn't have an extra lamp and didn't feel like buying another one just for this purpose. So in order to make everything brighter, with barely any shadow, instead of using parchment paper I covered all the sides (except the side with the yellow lamp) with white foam sheets found at craft stores. My husband then put his flash inside the box with the flash pointing to the roof and voila, a perfect shot. I know this setup looks a little odd, but hey, we're happy with it. The total cost of everything (not including the camera, of course) came to $13.

So, I just wanted to let you know that I also have placed some new items in my shop. I've even begun making some of my magnets smaller and grouping them to sell as a set.

Since my daughter's into horses, I also made one after her, except this girl has more hair.
I told her she had to wait until my husband took a picture first. The whole day she kept asking dad to take the picture just so she could play with it.

I'm still in the clay making kick and will be coming up with more ideas every day. Love selling online. It gives me the opportunity to try out new things without having to make a lot of each item like I would do if I was selling at a craft fair.

Speaking of that, this past spring I did make some for this upcoming Christmas craft fair. Usually I make Santa ornaments out of pompoms and such. Since this is the first time for clay thingys, I wasn't sure what would sell and made about thirty of each style. When I was done, I then gave them to my mom to bring back to Vancouver. (My sister offered to sell them for me since I won't be there.) When my mom went through baggage check, security kept asking her all sorts of questions. It must of looked funny with all the magnets crammed into the carry-on with nothing else.

One more note before I go. Since my daughter's birthday is coming up, I think I'm going to put my shop up on sale just to celebrate. Still got a week to think about it.

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  1. Oh issues. I struggle with lack of light all the time! Though I have a foodporn studio setup downstairs, it's still too dark for my liking and a hassle to bring food downstairs all the time. I give up and just photoshop it later sometimes. I use Lowel Ego lights when I'm not so lazy.