Monday, September 26, 2011

Strange weather

I'm finding the weather in Aurora, CO is very odd. Like this week. The average temperature is in the 80's, yet a couple of weeks ago this is what we got:

This is 20 minutes later.

This is another  30 minutes later with lightning strikes.
We usually get a lot of rain in Vancouver, BC but nothing like this. My family and I have only been in Aurora for a year and a half. The rain here blows sideways so using an umbrella is almost useless when it's too windy. Heavy rain usually also includes thunderstorms. There was one day where the news recorded about 35 lightning strikes in a half hour. The odd thing is whenever you see lightning, thunder should come after it. In Aurora, you can see three lightning strikes before hearing that thundering noise. Crazy.

Anyway, I'm happy to note I just got my first sold order on my Etsy shop. YAY!! Thanks so much pinkylee07 for her generous order.

I also want to post what my packaging looks like whenever anyone does place an order with me.

Basically you can use the packaging box as a gift box. My business card is removable if you want to add a gift tag. Not a bad idea, right?

Well, this is it for now. I will be adding a new item to my shop in a couple of days. Stay tuned....

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