Monday, September 12, 2011


Welcome to my blog! I've never blogged before until I got encouraged to do so. If you have the chance, please go and visit my cousin's site Cake on the Brain (her link is on the side bar). She has some really great tips and recipes for you to try.

Anyway, my reasoning for starting this blog is to showcase my polymer clay work. The first time I attempted using clay was for my wedding back in 2004. My original plan was to make one for everyone, but with over three hundred guests, I decided to just make one hundred picture holders.

I also made a cake topper (shown as my header). Since then I haven't touched any polymer clay until recently when I got this sudden urge. But instead of picture holders, I am now making magnets. Here are a few samples I have:

Each stand at 2.5" - 3" tall (depending on the style) and weighs about less than 1/2 lb. I'm also thinking of maybe turning these into pins if customers want to wear them.

As a request from family members, I'm also experimenting with making Vancouver Canuck ones. Here's the prototype ( I know I'm missing the skates and rest of the facial features):

The second reason I'm working with clay again is from an idea inspired by my cousin. Instead of making decorations out of fondant (which I'm sure most people don't really like to eat), she figured why not use these as cake decorations or cupcake toppers. After someone eats the cupcake, they can use the topper as a magnet. Ingenious idea, don't you think?
So, if you're in the mood (or may be bored), I'll be setting up shop with I'm still working out the kinks on how to do so. Once I get it running, I'll let you know. Also, stay tuned. I have some Halloween magnets coming soon.....

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