Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I miss home...

You know, I actually can't wait until we move back to Vancouver, BC. I miss my family a lot. I've even packed away things I don't use on a daily basis in boxes. According to my mom, who visited a couple of months ago, she says our room looks like a tornado hit.

I do admit our room is a bit cramped, but I think of it as not having to worry about packing at the last minute. Moving days are always so strenuous and exhausting. However, once we move back, most of our things are going to be put away in storage. We're going to be living with my parents for a few months until we figure out what's going on.

Our original plan was once my husband was done with school at the end of February, we were thinking of visiting Disneyland. My daughter's been so excited about going. I figured we should get in a major trip before my husband starts work. My mom, dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were thinking of joining us also. Sort of like a family trip. Once we got back, I was then thinking of looking for a house, but that's changed. My husband's been busy trying to set up his new orthodontic office instead. Maybe while the office is being built, we can go then.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I've finally added features to my Canuck sample I showed in my first post. Here's the new one. A lot of my family members have a thing for Ryan Kesler so I tried to base it on him. I think I need that scruffy beard.

The piece of clay between the skates is what I used to prop him up so I could take a picture of him standing. I also did Luongo. My husband thinks he looks cute.

For ten minutes we kept discussing about the mask. I was thinking of making it different instead of keeping it white. My husband thinks I should leave it as is. Since he's the avid hockey fan, I'll do what he says.

So, we're finally at the end of my long post. I do want to add that I've been thinking of trying a hand at designing digital scrapbook kits and giving them free on my blog. Hmm....

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  1. Oh cute! I love the Kesler one! Are you going to make the Sedin twins? Hee hee...they'll just look the same anyway!